Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for sets out the company’s own privacy strategy for website users. It aims to highlight the obligations & requirements of website users and the website owners in regards to matters of personal privacy. The policy will also detail the ways that this website processes, stores and protects all user data.

The Website: Legal Obligations

This website records and stores data in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. If any legislative changes occur, this policy will be updated to reflect those changes.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are in use on this website to help to provide a better users experience for all visitors. New visitors will be notified of the use of cookies when they make their first visit to the site. As per legislative requirements, users will be asked to provide consent before cookies are left or read from a browsing device.
These small files track, save and store information about the individual’s usage of the site. This data is used to help to provide a personal user experience for each visitor. To prevent the download and use of cookies on this website, users should change their browser settings to block cookies from this site and associated vendors. Users are responsible for altering browser settings and the website owners cannot be held responsible for anything that occurs because of browser changes.
Cookie software on is provided by Google Analytics. Google Analytics software saves a cookie file onto your drive in order to monitor user engagement; however it will not access, store or collect personal user information.
External vendors, links and adverts may use alternative cookies. These are used to monitor referral tracking and link conversions. These cookies typically expire after 30 days.

Website Contact & Communication

Users who choose to contact, its owners or any external vendors do so at their own risk. Any personal information which is provided by the user will be kept private and stored securely. Data may be kept for a reasonable amount of time, as per the Data Protection Act 1998.
The website and its owners may provide your details to third parties and external vendors but will only do so if this was clearly set out at the time that the details were provided. We will only do this when explicit permission has been granted by the user or when the user has already purchased goods or services from that external vendor.

External Links

The website owners cannot be held responsible for the content of any external links, however we will try to maintain quality and safety with the links which are displayed. We do not offer any guarantee or verification of the content that appears on any of the websites which are directly linked to from this site. Users should be aware that they click on any external links at their own risk and the owners of this site cannot be held liable for any damages or problems that occur from following the links that are displayed.